Going too heavily on the “for richer” part of the nuptial vows could spell disaster for a marriage, according to research published today by Brigham Young University and William Paterson University.
In a survey of 1,700 married couples, researchers found that couples in which one or both partners placed a high priority on getting or spending money were much less likely to have satisfying and stable marriages.

Money—A Cruel Master

ADVERTISING uses subtle psychological ploys to foster the consumer society. It persuades people to ‘buy things they don’t need with money they don’t really have, sometimes to impress people they don’t really like.’ Many are induced to try to make lots of money in the hope of achieving security. But does this lead to the …

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Money—Your Obedient Servant

“BETWEEN 1968 and 1986 the proportion of adults in Great Britain with a building society savings account rose from 15% to 64%,” reported the Glasgow Herald. In contrast, the paper observed: “The number of people who belong to a Christian Church has fallen.” Money, or Mammon, has long been considered to be in opposition to …

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Tolerance—From One Extreme to the Other

THE scenic beauty of the Vale of Kashmir moved a 16th-century philosopher to exclaim: “If there is paradise anywhere, it is here!” Clearly, he had no idea of what would later happen in that part of the world. Within the last five years, at least 20,000 people have been killed there in fighting between separatists …

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What Is Wrong With Making Money?

“MONEY is indeed the most important thing in the world.” So claimed British playwright George Bernard Shaw. Do you agree with him? Perhaps you feel more like 17-year-old Tanya, who says: “I don’t want to be rich, just comfortably secure.” Young Avian likewise sees money, not as the most important thing in the world, but …

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How Can I Earn Some Money?

“I want a job that makes good money.”—Tanya. MANY youths share Tanya’s sentiments. “I want money to buy a car and to be able to go out and buy clothes,” says a youth named Sergio. “I don’t want to be dependent on my parents for everything.” Young Laurie-Ann has a similar reason for working. “I’m …

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Can Material Prosperity Guarantee Happiness?

“OUT of about 50 students in our school, only 1 or 2 wore shoes,” recalls 45-year-old Poching, who grew up in southern Taiwan during the 1950’s. “We couldn’t afford them. However, we never considered ourselves poor. We had all we needed.” That was some 40 years ago. Since then, life has changed dramatically for Poching …

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“HAPPY are those conscious of their spiritual need,” said Jesus Christ. (Matthew 5:3) Contrary to conventional wisdom, Jesus pointed to the fulfilling of one’s spiritual need rather than the satisfying of material desires as the one essential ingredient for success in the pursuit of happiness. Those words of Jesus, if followed, amount to a guarantee …

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