Travel and Recreation

Have some time with you family enjoy recreations like playing football and travel to some part of the world

In Search of the Good Life

“As the twentieth century progressed, daily life for many people . . . was changed by scientific and technological development.”—The Oxford History of the Twentieth Century. ONE of the great changes in this era has had to do with population. No other century has had such a sharp rise in world population. It reached about one billion …

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The Pantanal—A Fascinating Sanctuary

BY AWAKE! CORRESPONDENT IN BRAZIL THE tourist became angry when Jerônimo urged him not to throw a beer can into the river. “Is this river yours?” he asked. “No,” Jerônimo replied, “it is ours. But if you keep throwing garbage into it, soon none of us will be able to fish here.” This reveals just …

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Opera in the Jungle

By Awake! correspondent in Brazil LOOKING through the plane’s window, we see two rivers heading toward each other—the sand-colored Solimões and the cola-colored Negro. When they meet, they refuse to mix completely until six miles [10 km] farther downstream. Nearby, the plane lands in Manaus, the capital of Brazil’s Amazonas State. “Here we have two …

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East Africa’s “Lunatic Express”

BY AWAKE! CORRESPONDENT IN KENYA BRITISH plans of a little over 100 years ago to build a railway across East Africa were not eagerly supported by everyone in London’s parliament. One opponent derisively wrote: “What it will cost no words can express; What is its object no brain can suppose; Where it will start from …

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The African School—What Did It Teach?

BY AWAKE! CORRESPONDENT IN GHANA THE African school? Some Westerners may be surprised to know that such an arrangement actually existed in times past. Sad to say, the Hollywood image of the African as a menacing savage clutching a spear has been slow to vanish from the minds of people. Many simply cannot imagine how …

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What Makes a Beach?

By “Awake!” correspondent in Guatemala TO MULTITUDES the thought of spending a day of pleasant recreation down at the edge of the ocean is most inviting. It can mean much fun—swimming, sunning, playing games and associating with friends and loved ones in the fresh open air, with the soothing sound of surf in the background. …

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So you’re thinking of Buying a House?

By “Awake!” correspondent in Canada “YOU can’t go wrong,” enthusiastically said the exuberant real estate salesman to his wavering client. “The demand for property is increasing every day, and an offer like this just isn’t being made anymore.” But those experienced in buying and selling property know that it is not all that simple. There …

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Four Aids for Good Health

“A STITCH in time saves nine.” “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Sayings such as these may well be applied to the matter of our keeping in good health. Why wait until you are sick before giving thought to your health? Absence of distressing symptoms does not necessarily mean good health. …

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