ivorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, is the termination of a marriage or marital union, the canceling or reorganizing of the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage, thus dissolving the bonds of matrimony between a married couple under the rule of law of the particular country or state. Divorce laws vary considerably around the world, but in most countries divorce requires the sanction of a court or other authority in a legal process, which may involve issues of alimony (spousal support), child custody, child visitation / access, parenting time, child support, distribution of property, and division of debt.

A Remarkable Change for the Better

“The world in 1900 was poised on the threshold of one of the most remarkable periods of change in human history. An old order was giving way to a new.”—The Times Atlas of the 20th Century. EARLY in the 20th century, “the world entered upon an era of exceptional turbulence and violence,” says the above-quoted …

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The Family—An Emergency Case!

“AND they lived happily ever after.” That fairy tale ending applies to fewer and fewer marriages nowadays. The wedding promise to love each other ‘for better or for worse as long as both shall live’ is all too often just rhetoric. The possibility of having a happy family seems to be a gamble with the …

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Are You Thinking About Marriage?

If we compare the global divorce phenomenon to an earthquake, the United States would be at the epicenter. In a recent year, more than one million marriages were terminated there—an average of two every minute. But you may well be aware that the United States is hardly alone in its marital misery. ACCORDING to one …

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Will My Parents’ Divorce Ruin My Life?

ECONOMICALLY disadvantaged, depressed, prone to misbehavior and marital failure—such is the grim picture some experts paint of the children of divorced parents. So if your parents are divorced or separated, understandably you may fear for your future. Indeed, your parents’ divorce may already seem to be wrecking your life. Recalls a youth named Denny: “I …

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Why Did Mom and Dad Split Up?

“Dad had left us before,” says Denny. “But he always came back.” This time, however, was different. Recalls Maurice, Denny’s younger brother: “One day I was at my baby-sitter’s house, from which I could see our backyard. I saw Dad trying to break into our house. I realized then that he wasn’t living with us …

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Husbands and Wives—Do They Really Talk Differently?

JUST suppose that Bill shuffled into Jerry’s office, his shoulders visibly sagging under the weight of his worries. Jerry looked gently at his friend and waited for him to speak. “I don’t know if I can close this deal,” sighed Bill. “There are so many snags, and the head office is really pressuring me.” “What …

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What Kind of Divorcing Does God Hate?

“THE problems that went along with my divorce were many,” wrote one Christian woman whose husband had been unfaithful. “The adjustment period isn’t an easy time. I had to adjust not only mentally but financially and spiritually as well. I wondered if Jehovah would bless my decision, knowing that the Scriptures say that he hates …

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The Decay of Manners

Millions still practice good manners. Other millions trample them underfoot. AT THE turn of the century, etiquette got off on the wrong foot, according to The New Encyclopædia Britannica: “In the late 19th and early 20th centuries those in the upper strata of society regarded the observance of the most trivial demands of etiquette as …

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