Happy Marriage

The Desire to Be Loved

Long ago in a city located in what is today the land of Turkey, there lived a girl named Leah. Leah was plain in appearance, but her younger sister, Rachel, was beautiful. RACHEL met a man who loved her so much that he agreed to work for her father for seven years to gain her …

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Adoption—How Do I Fit In?

IT GOES without saying that problems can arise if adoptive parents divorce or if one partner dies. But it is the adopted child who may feel the greater strain. Why? The majority of us know who our biological parents are. Even if we lost them early in life, we have memories, or probably some photographs, …

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“Customary Marriage” in Ghana

BY AWAKE! CORRESPONDENT IN GHANA MARRIAGE—hundreds of thousands enter this relationship each year throughout the world. They usually do so according to the marriage custom that prevails where they live. In Ghana the most common form of marriage is what is called customary marriage. This involves payment of a bride-price by the bridegroom’s family to …

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How Can I Carry On a Long-Distance Courtship?

“I had just escorted a group of delegates attending an international convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses back to their hotel. I was about to go home, but then another group walked by. So I stopped to talk, and I met Odette. Our paths happened to cross again later in the week. We decided to correspond, and after …

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What Is Needed for a Successful Marriage?

Would you choose to dive into a river without first learning to swim? Such a foolish act could be harmful—even deadly. Think, though, of how many people jump into marriage with little awareness of how to take on the responsibilities involved. JESUS said: “Who of you that wants to build a tower does not first …

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