Lack of Discipline

Parents always wonder what kind of adults their children will grow up to be. And, the ultimate person your child will become depends a lot on how you raise them. So, if you discipline your child and teach him what is right and wrong then your child will grow up to respect authority, rules, and the like.

Who Will Protect Our Children?

IT IS encouraging to know that child abuse is now acknowledged as a worldwide problem. Such initiatives as the Stockholm Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, attended by representatives from 130 countries, have given attention to this problem. Additionally, some countries are now passing legislation that outlaws sex tourism and child pornography. Some are …

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The Euro—New Currency for an Old Continent

A JUBILANT French finance minister gave the fresh coin a bite and declared: “This is the real thing, it’s no copy. It’s the first produced in France as well as in Europe.” The coin was the first euro struck at France’s official mint. The date was Monday, May 11, 1998. What is the euro? How will …

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When Grandparents Become Parents

“I had just come home from a meeting at the Kingdom Hall. There was a loud knock on the door, and standing outside were two policemen with two filthy children whose hair was matted and who looked like they hadn’t been washed in months. You could hardly tell that they were children! They were my …

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Grandparents—Their Joys and Challenges

“I love being a grandparent! You enjoy your grandchildren without feeling accountable or responsible for them. You realize that you have an influence on their lives but that ultimately you don’t have the final say. Their parents do.”—Gene, a grandparent. WHAT is it about being a grandparent that can evoke such enthusiasm? Researchers point out that …

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A Tale of Two Teachers—Why They Stopped Teaching

“I reached the point that I met the class each day with dread, and I knew it was time to leave.” FOR decades educators have attempted to find a solution to the problem, “Why Johnny can’t read.” Meanwhile Johnny, armed with “See Spot run. Run, Spot, run,” embarks on the arduous task of conquering the …

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Why Courtesy Pays!

IN A world where courtesy and good manners are on the wane, it is refreshing to come across someone who still believes in making others happy. One such man is a bus driver in São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. He relates what he does: “As a bus driver I meet all kinds of …

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Are Your Children Generous?

“GIVE me that! That’s mine!” Are those words familiar? Do they voice the sentiments of your children when asked to share things with others? This might well be the case, if the young child shows signs of being selfish and possessive with his belongings. Parental concern is natural when children develop and display these undesirable …

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When Children Give Birth

A LITTLE girl less than six years old is usually still playing with dolls and living a carefree life under the protection of her parents. But one five-and-a-half-year-old girl in Peru gave birth to a child back in 1933. Said the obstetrician who delivered the baby by cesarean section: “By a fantastic trick of nature, …

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Fornication—Why Not?-Bibles View Point.

THIS generation has seen the world caught up in a “sexual revolution.” People are clamoring for freedom to have sexual relations with whomever they wish and in any way that they choose. The pressure to engage in premarital sex today is powerful in many places. In some areas a woman may be expected to prove …

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