About Us

Bro. Ago Daniel is the founder of recentearthfamily.com, whiles Stephen Teye Doku is my Senior Researcher. We both work together as Team of marriage counselors for the past 10 years and online freelancers and affiliate marketers, we have help build lot marriages In Ghana and all parts of the world, because we understand the purpose of Jehovah God who is the originator of marriage when it comes to family Happiness.

We have also understand that for marriage life should be happy then the couples should be able to discover the key to family happiness, which some many say that; is it money, Love or something us. We are here purposely to help build your marriage, even marriages that are closer to Divorce.

We are going to also enlighten you on how we can learn from the Gods creation and how this can also build a successful marriage. We would be focusing our taught on Trees, animals, heavenly bodies and many more.

Our beliefs: Together We Build a Happy Marriage

We meet a lot people through some of the most stressful and difficult times in their marriages lives. We recognize what is at stake and have devoted ourselves to helping our clients build or maintain a happy marriage life.

Our Ultimate aim is to ensure that our clients have sustainable marriage life and which intend we combined this element like; Love, Peace, Truthful, Unity and Love to help our adorable clients like you to live in happiness.

Our pledge to customized Client Service

Since 2009 we have helped thousands of individual from different aspects of life, including the Teens, Single parents, couples, and children to live in peace and harmony either marriages mates, or those contemplating  marriages. We treat our clients in exceptional and extraordinary manner. We have developed a unique client’s services plan and we spend the necessary time for understanding the problems of our clients, which enables us to help them to be free for various anxieties in life like the following ways we can help you below;

  1. Anti-Christian culture
  2. Divorce
  3. Busyness
  4. Absent father figure
  5. Lack of discipline
  6. Financial Difficulty
  7. Lack of communication
  8. Negative media influences
  9. Balance of work and family
  10. Materialism
  11. Health and Safety

Our protected online client gateway allows our clients to speak with us privately.